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1st Responders / Teachers Plan

Here's What You Will Receive:

About This Service

Here is a list of 150+ services you get each month on the PMAP Program for one small monthly price:

Above Ground Pool Removal, Asphalt Ceiling, Basement Water Pump Out, Basic Furniture Upkeep, Basic Sanitation, Basic Sanitation (Commercial), Bathroom Knob Change, Bedroom Knob Change, Boarding Doors, Box Pool Setup, Broom Swept Condition, Carpet (Commercial), Carpet Removal, Carpet Shampoo (Basic), Cash for Keys (CFK) - Initial and Final Inspection, *Child Proofing (Standard), Clothes Dryer Vent Cover, Contact Inspection, De-Winterization, Dead Animal Removal, Deal Bolt Lock Change, Desert Landscape, Disaster Inspection, Door Slider Lock, Dry Winterization, Evictions (Commercial / Landlords / HUD / Bank), Exterior Photo Inspection, Fence Repair, Fire Pit Cleaning, First Time Vacant (FTV) Inspection, Flat Roof Asphalt Ceiling, Floor Waxing (Commercial), Freezer Cleaning, Full Grounds Keeping, Furniture Shampoo (Basic), Gas Capping, Grass Cutting, Hand Rail Replacement, Hang Curtain Rods, Hang Shelves (Generic/Basic), Hasp Installation, Hedging, Holiday Lighting Breakdown, Holiday Lighting Setup, Hot Tub Securing, HVAC Filter Replacement, Ice Removal / Salt Application, Indoor Furniture Setup, Interior Phono Inspection, Key Cutting (Standard), Knob Lock Change, Leaf Removal, Light Bulb Change (Standard), Light Fixture Replacement (Standard), Light Globe Fixture Replacement (If Applicable), Local Buy & Hauling, Lockbox Install, Maid Cleaning, Move-In Service, Move-In Cleaning, Move-Out Cleaning, Move-Out Service, Mulching (Spreading), No Contact Exterior Inspection, Office Clearing (Commercial), Outdoor Furniture Setup, Outdoor Grill Cleaning, Outlet Replacement, Padlock Installation, Paint (Commercial), Patch Roof Leaks (If Detected), Pest Extermination - Over the Counter Products, Pest Prevention, Pipe Pressurizing, Playground Setup, Plumbing Supply Caps, Pool Care, Pool Closing, Pool Filter Basket, Pool Light Replacement, Pool Opening, Pool PH Balance, Pool Pump Inspection, Pool Skimming, Pool Treatments, Pool Winterization, Power Wash Driveways, Power Wash Patio, Power Wash Pavement, Power Wash Pavers, Power Wash Sidewalks, Power Wash Small Structures, Raking, Re-Winterization, Re-caulking, Refrigerator Cleaning, Rekey, Repair Dinks & Ding in Wall, Repair Pipe Leaks, Replace Bathroom Curtain Rod (Standard), Replace Batteries CO2, Replace Closet Rods (Basic), Replace CO2 Detectors, Replace Cold Sink Water Valve, Replace Cold Water Bath Valve, Replace Door Knob Stopper, Replace Door Latch, Replace Door Screen, Replace Door Stopper (Standard), Replace Dryer Duct, Replace Fire Extinguisher, Replace Hose Bib Valve, Replace Hot Sink Water Valve, Replace Hot Washer Valve, Replace Hot Water Bath Valve, Replace Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, Replace Main Water Valve, Replace Oven Burners, Replace Registers, Replace Smoke Detectors, Replace Smoke Detector Battery, Replace Spindles, Replace Stove Burners, Replace Thermostat, Replace Toilet Seats, Replace Toilet Valves, Replace Toilet (Generic), Replace Transition Strips, Replace Vents, Replace Wall Plates, Replace Weather Stripping, Replace Window Panes, Replace Window Screens, Sandbox Setup, Screen Door Lock Change, Sewer Capping, Snow and Ice Removal (up to 12 inches), Snow Removal, Spa Securing, Spot Painting, Storm Door Lock Change, Swimming Pool Draining, Swimming Pool Securing- Above Ground, Swimming Pool Securing- In Ground, Switch Replacement, Tank Strip Removal, Toilet Cleaning, Trash Hauling, Tree Trimming (Basic), Trimming, Water Fixture Replacement, Weeding, Window Boarding (HUD Standard), Window Glazing, Window Lock Replacement, Winterization, Wire Capping.


WilliamRCI is not responsible for losses of any kind, including direct or indirect damages, death, illness or injury, resulting from conditions or events beyond WilliamRCI's control that impair WilliamsRCI's ability to provide services under this contract. Such conditions include piping, venting or other pre-existing incompatible sizing issues, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, extreme weather conditions, acts of God and other conditions beyond WilliamsRCI’s control. WilliamsRCI is not responsible for indirect, consequential or incidental damages (indirect losses or injuries) in any circumstance. To assure continued protection, the contract will be automatically renewed at the end of 12 months at regular prices non-promotional prices and terms then in effect, unless cancelled by you or WilliamsRCI in writing to the other within thirty (30) days prior to your contract anniversary date. Further, in the case of a material change to these terms and conditions, you also may cancel.

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