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Bathrooms @ Williams ResComInd Development


Bathrooms attribute to house sales and quality is a chief concern of ours whenever we perform a bathroom remodel, so we opt for high-quality fixtures and materials from reputable brands. Our contractors consider your design wishes as we suggest and incorporate a collection of outstanding showers, tubs, countertops, cabinets, and other materials into your new bathroom. 

ResComInd understand the importance of a bathroom remodel and we take great pride, attention to detail oriented and any issues that may come up along the way. We can help with almost all bathroom remodel, renovation, installation or supply requirement.

ResComInd will go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Her are some of our main services: Full-service bathroom renovations, bathtub installation or replacement, shower installation or replacement, bath tub to shower or shower to tub conversions, accessible products for independent living.

Because Our Clients Come First, ResComInd has developed a list of FAQ’S to make your Bathroom Project Experience more Enjoyable.


1. How will my bathroom remodel add value to my home?

ResComInd can provide data that shows the typical value of a bathroom remodel and other remodeling projects may bring to your home.

2. What type of remodel will work best for my home and family?

We will provide a quick summary of the four common types of remodels that our clients choose.

3. When is the best time to remodel my bathroom?

All year long! If you have more than one bathroom remodel happening, we stage the projects to make sure you always have an operational bathroom during the renovations.

4. What are the phases of a bathroom remodeling project?

Initial consultation, proposal and design contract, selections! This is where you go shopping with our designers to pick out all the fun stuff!

5. How long will my bathroom renovation take?

Depends some in 1 day, some bathrooms can take 2-3weeks or less, larger master baths usually take 4-6 weeks. Our sales team can share specific time frames with you when they estimate your project.

6. Will a designer work with me on my bathroom remodeling project?

Yes! Our designers assist clients with: Coordinating colors- From paint colors to cabinet finishes, countertops, tiles, and flooring, we make sure that your selections blend beautifully to create a striking color palette that speaks to you. ResComInd can also discuss home furnishings-appliances-lighting; whether you have a specific style in mind, or need guidance to find your own unique taste, we help bring it all together with furniture, lighting, and accessories. We can also provide window treatments- frequently overlooked, but often the element that completes tour new space ResComInd will work with you to find the perfect window treatments for your home and your lifestyle. ResComInd know that with every renovation comes a multitude of decisions, we help keep the process running smoothly in order to ensure that the space you're dreaming of becomes reality.

7. Can I see examples of your past bathroom remodeling work?

Yes we will be Happy to provide that for you.

8. Are you bonded, licensed, and insured?

Yes we are properly according to state and local standards.

9. What permits does my project need and will you get them?

You may need permits to make sure the work is up to code and that your homeowners insurance will cover it once it's done. ResComInd will get the permits that are required.

10. What time does the work schedule begin?

We will start at 8am - 5pm

11. Do your workers clean up at the end of every day?

ResComInd will haul off garbage and debris.

12. What is your expected payment schedule?

There will be a 10% deposit to get started.

13. Will the contract I sign cover everything?

ResComInd will make sure your contract has a clear start and end date in writing. Remodels are always prone to change however, we will put as much of the plan into structure writing meaning everyone has clear expectations about what will happen..

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