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Kitchens @ Williams ResComInd Development


The kitchen plays a central role in any home and is often the area where families, of all sizes, gather to interact and nourish themselves.  Kitchen remodeling services focus of understanding our customer’s requirements and designing a space that is both beautiful and functional.

As a turn-key remodeling company, we will evaluate your layout requirements, structural and utilities changes, cabinets, countertops, flooring and all the other items required to ensure that a holistic approach is utilized to formulate the right remodeling plan for you and your loved ones.

Because Our Clients Come First, ResComInd has developed a list of FAQ’S to make your Kitchen Project Experience more Enjoyable.


1. Will you take in consideration my must-have?

Of course, that is very important.

2. How can I maximize storage space?

This is something determined in the planning stage with our designer.

3. How much time will my remodel kitchen?

Every situation is different you will find that out during planning.

4. Who will be completing the electrical & plumbing if needed?

RESCOMIND handles all aspects of your job. Everything is done house, turnkey with our company.

5. Do you complete the entire project or is some of it farmed out?

RESCOMIND handles all aspects of your job. Everything is done house, turnkey with our company.

6. What are some finishes I can choose from?

There are so many to choose from, we’ll talk with the client during the design process for that.

7. How can you ensure that my job stays within budget and there are no surprises in the end?

RESCOMIND works with ever client to stay within their budget. We ensure our clients are kept informed throughout the entire process.

8. How will you be able to accommodate the amount of cabinets and storage space?

RESCOMIND takes precise measurements to determine the the available space which are incorporated into your design plans.

9. What are the lighting options available for my kitchen area?

This will depend on your design and the available space.

10. Which colors or surfaces will visually expand the space?

Depends on lighting and window settings.

11. Do you have a list of cabinet hardware for kitchen I can choose from?


12. Do you have a list of different types of flooring that will be best for my kitchen set up?

Yes. RESCOMIND works with each client to come with the perfect flooring choice that will compliment the entire design.

13. What will be the best options for choosing what texture of paint/coloring for my kitchen walls?

RESCOMIND will assist our clients in choosing the perfect paint color combination to accentuate your kitchen.

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