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New Construction @ Williams ResComInd Development

New Construction

WilliamsRCI is a full service residential design build firm. Our focus on high quality ground-up construction and large-scale remodels gives us the ability to create comprehensive interior design packages that take our clients from conception to completion in one seamless process. Our goal is to foster relationships of old and new finishes harmoniously mixed in the same space. We strive to offer one of a kind designs with a story and a purpose that perfectly fit the lifestyle they will serve. 

Traditionally, designers have a hard time getting architects and builders to understand their designs and are unable to execute them as intended. This is why we prefer the design-build format. Once ResComInd has designed the space, who better to build it? Our team of experts & artisans hand craft every detail with pride and passion.

Because Our Clients Come First, ResComInd has developed a list of FAQ’S to make your New Constructions Development Experience more Enjoyable.


1. Is the lot cost included?

Each project can be slightly different. With that, there are times when the cost of the land will be included and there times when it's not. Most of the time when we are involved in a development with multiple homes, lot cost is included and there can be added costs for certain features that you can’t opt out of, such as look-out windows in the basement or wider yards. Often times we build single homes for clients who already own lots and with that scenario, there obviously is no lot cost.

2. How long will building take?

While the building process is prone to delays and you won’t be able to get a finite schedule for how long the build will take, you’ll be able to get a general idea of what you can expect.

3. What warranties are provided with the house?

Just because a home is brand new doesn’t mean that no problems will arise. Fortunately, most new construction homes come with one or more warranties that protect you in the event of a mishap early on, including a short term whole-house warranty and a longer structural warranty. While you can always buy additional own home warranties, we will cover you in some ways as well.

4. What are the standard finishes?

Your home will come with standard finishes, however there will be additional costs for upgraded items such as flooring and countertops. We will inform you which finishes are stand and which are upgrades. You likely won’t meet with the design team until after you’ve gone under contract, so it’s important to figure out early what sorts of finishes and appliances you would like to be included in the home’s base price.

5. Are you allowed to purchase your own appliances or materials?

Had your heart set on butcher block countertops but the builder doesn’t offer them? It’s possible that you may be able to purchase them yourself and then have the builder install them. Alternately, some builders won’t let you purchase your own materials, but they will let you bring in your own appliances, even on items that are included in the sale, like sinks and toilets. Keep in mind that, in terms of appliances, you probably will have to make some purchases on your own, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

6. If you can bring in your own materials or appliances, will you get credits?

Let’s say the base price of your new construction home includes a kitchen sink worth $200, but you’d like to upgrade and purchase a sink on your own that costs $400. Will you get $200 off the purchase price for not using the sink that’s included in the base? Some builders offer credits for any upgrades or self-purchased materials or appliances, while with others you’ll just have to eat the cost of the originally included item. Credits are a nice touch, but they’re not usually standard, so it’s best not to go in expecting that you’ll get money off the base cost for purchases like these. In general, builders don’t like to lower the base cost, but if they do offer credits, that’s a win for you.

7. Is landscaping included?

Yes landscaping is included. We sit down with our clients and agree/review the type of landscaping desires. We include items such as hedge, tree, sod, grass, mulching, etc. There are also warranties on the materials so that if your newly sodded grass dies right away or some other mishap occurs you’re not responsible for fixing it.

8. Does the contract include a cost escalation clause?

New builds are notorious for last minute surprises, but you don’t want to be on the hook financially if it happens. A cost escalation clause allows the builder to charge you for any unanticipated costs that arise as a result of necessary labor or materials. So if lumber prices go up before the builder has purchased the materials for your flooring, or an unexpected delay adds a few weeks onto the build, you’re on the line for those costs. If you’d rather not deal with the stress of unanticipated costs, find a builder that doesn’t include a cost escalation clause in the contract.

9. Are there any homeowners rules or regulations?

If there is no homeowners association for the development, there may still set some guidelines as far as what’s allowed and what’s not on your property. For example, you may not be able to use a particular type of fencing or install a shed in your backyard. It’s better to ask this question early and know what to expect than to move in and find out that you can’t bring into fruition certain plans you had for the space.

10. Are there any financial incentives for using the builder’s preferred lender?

Some builders offer discounts on closing costs if you obtain your mortgage through a company that they have a relationship with. Ask if these sorts of financial incentives are offered, but don’t make your final decision about where to get your mortgage based on the discounts alone – you may still be able to find a better deal through other lenders. It’s still good to know however if there are benefits to working with the builder’s preferred mortgage company.

If it’s your dream to build a new construction house, go in to the process with an open mind and a clear idea of what you can expect. The more questions you can ask in the beginning, the less surprises you’ll potentially face in the future.

And as with any home purchase, be sure to have an attorney read over your contract so that you can be sure everything is fair and equitable. Some buyers of new construction prefer to go in to sales meetings with a real estate agent as well, though in my own experience, I didn’t find that to be necessary. Be smart, ask the right questions, and at the end of the day (or fine, year) you’ll end up with a beautiful home built just for you.

11. Do I still need an agent? How do I choose the right one?

Having an agent who has a strong background in new construction proves invaluable to buyers throughout the building process. Experienced construction agents can best help you understand the contract you are signing, and guide you through the process with confidence.

12. Are there lenders that will offer new construction loan programs?

Yes, lenders offer different new construction loan programs that provide varying percentages down, long-term rate locks, and great rates. Research lenders, then pre-qualify!

13. Can we make adjustments to the floor plan? How will I know what is best?

In most cases, yes! Depending on what you’re looking for, building a new construction home offers the flexibility to personalize your taste within reason. As you look at the floor plans, imagine the daily functions of your lifestyle and determine which layout is best for you and your family.

14. If we bring some of our own items that need to be installed, like light fixtures, will the builder install them?

Typically no. The builders want to make sure they can warranty items from vendors they trust and have worked with, so they know the new homeowner is getting quality finishes.

15. Should I expect to make upgrades?

It’s advisable to leave some room in the budget for selections and extras. Don’t max out your budget at contract signing. Leave some room to upgrade those selections that meet your desires and taste. Do know what your maximum budget is for upgrades.

16. How much will upgrades actually cost?

When it comes to specific numbers, it will depend on your selections and the builder. Often builders will show a mix of included features and optional upgrades in their models or in photos. Upgrade options could be anything from more lighting in kitchens and bathrooms to a larger garage. You can get a general idea by asking a few questions on the selections you see.

17. Will there be someone to help us make selections that work well together?

Many builders have a selection coordinator, as do all the builders Sterling Homes works with. A selection coordinator helps walk you through the process to make sure your selections are cohesive and what you’re looking for.

18. Does the whole process usually run on schedule?

Unfortunately, not always. It’s best to expect delays. Everyone wants to close as soon as possible, including us! But the reality is that there are sometimes delays in new construction, which can cost money and time. Have a backup plan for living arrangements and storage if you need to.

19. I’m worried the deal will fall apart at the last second. How can I put my mind at ease?

Avoid job changes, large purchases on credit cards, and increasing your debt prior to closing – these are the actions that can possibly delay the closing.

20. How much will closing costs be?

Closing costs generally vary between 2 to 5% of the total price, although there are fluctuations. Get in touch with one of our preferred lenders, so they can give you a breakdown of what to expect throughout the process.

We’ve partnered with skilled new construction specialists that offer everything from condos to townhomes to single family homes throughout the area.

21. What Type of Homes Do They Typically Build?

Different builders specialize in various types of construction. It makes sense to choose a custom builder with a proven ability to build the kind of home you want.

For example, if the builder typically builds economy homes and all of a sudden jumps into selling luxury homes, this is something you may want to think twice about. There is so much that goes into building a luxury home.

If you are building a specific style of home, you’ll want a builder who is familiar with the type of home design you’re looking for. Building homes come with many variations. For the right home builder, it will be second nature.

Building an economy home vs. a luxury property is night and day!

22. Do You Have Model Homes to Look At?

Another important question to ask a builder is whether they have properties you can look at right now.

23. Who Oversees The construction and Can Answer My Questions Once The Building Starts?

Just because the company owner is experienced and capable does not mean the employees

24. Will I Have The Opportunity to Make Additional Upgrades Once The Construction Has Started?

You may think this is a strange question, but it isn’t.

25. How often and when will I be allowed to tour the home once construction has started?

You should be able to tour the home periodically during construction. However, you most likely won’t be able to wander the work site whenever you like. Talk with the builder to determine when and how often you can tour the home while being built.

26. Do You Offer Any Energy-Saving Features in Your Homes?

A well-built new home should include several different energy-saving features. 

27. Are There Any Differences in Cost For The Lots?

You will probably have several different lot options.

28. When Do Extras Have to be Paid? Upfront or at Closing?

Sometimes you have to pay for extras upfront. 

29. If Building in The Winter, How Will The Landscaping and The Completion of The Driveway be Handled?

Landscaping and pouring the driveway often require waiting until warmer weather

30. How Quickly Will Punch List Items Be Completed After The Final Walk-Through?

You may discover on the final walk-through that some things are missing from your home, either due to a mistake or other issues.

31. Does The Home Come With a Builder’s Warranty?

Yes, each one of our homes comes with a builders warranty.

32. Will I Be Able to Have a Home Inspection When The building is Completed?

Home inspections are build into the project plan as part of the regular process.

33. Can I Speak With Some of Your Past Customers?

Yes, we have a list of customers to choose from that you can reach out and ask questions.

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