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Property Preservation Specialists Welcome!


Training To Help Our PPS's To Get Massive Results Fast!

Here, you will find training materials and/or videos for all the activities that Property Preservation Specialists will be preforming in the field. Our President and CEO has personally selected some videos for you to watch and model. Please review these videos as they will be very helpful for you in the field. As we continue growing our client base, it will become increasingly important that our training is consistent across the board and that you adhere to our standards. 

Please note, this page will constantly be updated as we continue to create or communicate new training opportunities that will enhance our ability to perform our jobs at peak efficiency. We are not just a preservation company. We are a real estate and construction company. We are a trillion dollar team. Together, we are stronger.

  • (Watch The Videos)

    How To Perform Winterizations
    How To Perform Trashouts
    How To Perform Lockset Changes
    How To Board A Door/Window
  • How To Take Property Condition Photos

    Additional Comments

    If you have not received your login credentials to all of the applications, please let us know. Without the proper access, we will not be able to send you the assignments for the day, including trash outs, winterizations, lock changes, grass cuts, board ups, and other initial services.  Please review the below points:

    1. Check all the apps daily for assignments. 

    2. Please do not wait till the last minute to complete your work orders. We would like to ensure each job is completed on time. We need to avoid reassignments, as penalties will be assessed.  If you have orderers I strongly encourage you guys not to sit on those. 

    3. If you have received a work order and cannot perform the work, please let us know early in the morning or as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute to inform us of your status often results in task reassignments, penalties and late fees.

    4. PPW work is subject to bigger charge back and penalties as they are P&P orders. This is where most of the trash outs, winterizations, lock changes, etc can be found.

    5. Work order reassignments, due to your negligence, results charge backs that are placed on the Property Preservation Specialist for the entire work order, plus the cost to send out another specialist.

    6. If you have any questions, Sheron is willing to answer them or meet to walk you through all scenarios via Zoom meeting. With bigger paying orders, the more we are able to complete, the more we'll have assigned to us. 


    We have structured our programs in such a way that it helps Property Preservation Specialist with different levels of expertize to suceed right from the beginning. We cover it all.

      WRCI Senior Leadership Presentation

      Here is a link to our April 2023 PPS Presentation.  You may go back and review this information at any time.